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Episode 022: The Moon Tarot Card

Things Are Not What They Seem

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How do mental health and tarot with some astrology connect? You will discover how they do and how you can use tarot to gain insight into mental health. Additionally, when it comes to managing mental health, validation of struggles is essential, and that you will get from this podcast!
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The Moon tarot card is the 18th card of the Major Arcana. It signifies intuition, dreams, and imagination.

This card can represent fear or insecurity, indicating potential growth.

However, it can also mean dishonesty, illusions, and things not as they seem.

It can also describe everything hidden, as well as your shadow self.

It is one of the most confusing cards in Major Arcana.

Let's go over the appearance and history of the Moon tarot card before delving into it further.

The History And Appearance Of The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon card has been around for centuries, and its history is steeped in legend and mythology.

One of the earliest references to the Moon tarot card is found in a book called The Key of Solomon, which was written in the 1400s.

The Moon card is referred to as the Sister of the Sun and is associated with creativity, intuition, and deception in the book.


If you look at the Moon tarot card in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, you see a Full Moon in the sky in the background.

The Moon is between two tall towers as the Moon symbolizes intuition and anything in the subconscious, including dreams.

Since the light of the Moon is dim compared to the Sun, it only lights up the path between the two towers a little.

The ground contains a tiny pool representing the subconscious mind and a crayfish coming out, which means the conscious is beginning to unfold.

There is also a dog and a wolf standing in the grassy area, representing aspects of your mind that are tame and wild.

Now, let's look and see what the Moon means in a reading.

The Moon Tarot Card In A Reading

In a reading, The Moon can suggest that it's time to listen to your intuition and trust in your instincts.

You may be experiencing some emotional turbulence, but this is only a temporary phase.

Trust that things will eventually calm down, and you'll find your way again.

The Moon is also a sign of transformation, so be prepared for some changes in your life. These may not be comfortable or easy, but they will lead to growth in the long run.

It also can mean that issues from the past are clouding your present life, and there is a lot of fear causing you not to do things in the present that stem from the past.

But, again, that is because of all the negative stuff from trauma and negative past experiences, causing fear to get in the way.

This is a card that you would associate with PTSD and C-PTSD, as you would be fearful of doing so many things if it brings you back so many traumatic memories.

If you have childhood trauma or any trauma, I don't have to tell you that even after one incident.

And there is a lot to talk about regarding Risa Green and the Moon, but before I get into that, I will go over other scenarios where the Moon tarot card comes in.

The Moon is associated with illusions and anything fake or not what it seems. It is related to something too good to be true.

For example, you can imagine this being the case when it comes to catfishing.

You are ready to go out there and begin dating, and when you join a dating app and create a profile.

You find someone on there who looks like a potential match for you.

You talk to that individual, and they seem pretty good, and they are really good-looking.

They show a lot of interest in you, share fascinating things about themselves, and want to learn more about you.

However, each time you talk about meeting, that individual finds excuses not to meet you.

So think about it, if someone shows interest but does not want to meet you, that is a significant red flag.

That person may be catfishing you. And you have to go with your intuition in situations like that.

If it seems too good to be true, then it is.

The Moon also represents what is in your dreams, which is your subconscious attempting to tell you what is going on that you need to know within yourself.

That is why it is always a good idea to keep a dream journal by your bedside, as dreams are full of symbolism that you need to pay attention to, as those are messages from your subconscious.

You will want to jot it down after waking up, or else as the day progresses, your conscious mind will cloud it, and you will forget your dream.

So that is another aspect of the Moon.

Now, let's talk about how the Moon plays a role in Risa Green's life. And it plays a significant role, unfortunately.

As you know, she is highly self-conscious and has allowed her shadow self to take over.

She is very self-deceptive, which means she knows deep down that she has some significant problems in her life, but she denies it.

She is another example of how trauma has caused her to behave the way she does, as she has many childhood wounds and unprocessed trauma that are taking over her life.

But she does not acknowledge any of it.

Another way that the Moon relates to Risa is because she appears on the outside like she is the kindest soul without any agendas.

She makes herself look good by giving money to the homeless and appearing to be there for everyone. She seems that she is too lovely.

But the reality is, no one is too nice, as no one should be too nice! The truth is, she is an echoist who does not have a voice of her own.

She appears sweet on the outside but is full of anger, rage, and resentment on the inside. Therefore, she is not nearly as lovely as she seems.

What about the Moon in reverse? Let's go over that now.

Moon In Reverse

When the Moon is in reverse, it can either mean releasing fear, unveiling mysteries, or being in a prolonged period of unhappiness.

It can also represent insomnia or having unusual dreams.

Everyone has related to the Moon in reverse the same way as they have with the Moon upright for one reason or another.

Getting out of your comfort zone is an example of the Moon in reverse, as it can mean you are releasing fear.

It can also represent the truth, which falls into the same area as unveiling mysteries.

Again, think back to the example I provided about the catfisher.

Imagine you find out that charming individual who you found on the dating profile was not anything like they claimed to be.

Maybe they used an old picture of themselves when they were younger and better-looking or a picture of someone else, but you found out now that they look nothing like how they presented themselves.

That is a Moon in the reverse situation. When that happens, it is always disheartening.

Going back to Risa, the Moon in reverse fits when it comes to being perpetually unhappy.

Yes, she has depression, but she does not do anything to help it. Instead, she allows herself to stay low and keeps herself in sad situations.

And when depression is taking over like that, that is a Moon in the reverse situation regardless.

So now you have a good understanding of the Moon upright and reversed.

Let's talk about how you can apply the Moon in your life.

How To Apply The Moon To Your Life

The Moon reminds you to stay grounded in your intuition and imagination, even when things are tough.

That is the best way to apply the card to your day-to-day stuff.

Always trust the feelings you have deep down, which is your intuition, and it is easy not to do that if you are emotionally attached to something.

Still, you cannot avoid your intuition and only focus on your emotions, or it will blow up and hurt you in the end.


Intuition is that feeling you get deep down with no emotional attachment, so when that happens, you have to go with it.

Also, you can apply the Moon card when it comes to you stirring your creativity if you want to write a blog post, do some art, or even do a bit of problem-solving.

You can take the Moon card and meditate with it if that helps stir up your imagination.

That is how you apply the Moon card in your life.

The next card is the Sun, and there is only one more week of going over the Major Arcana cards after this!

I hope you have been enjoying this journey as I have!