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Episode 011: The Chariot Tarot Card

When Giving Up Is Not An Option Until It Must Be

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How do mental health and tarot with some astrology connect? You will discover how they do and how you can use tarot to gain insight into mental health. Additionally, when it comes to managing mental health, validation of struggles is essential, and that you will get from this podcast!
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The Chariot tarot card is one of the major arcana cards, and it has a variety of different meanings, depending on the other cards in the reading.

Generally speaking, the chariot tarot card symbolizes victory, progress, and forward momentum.

It can indicate that you are making good progress in your life or are on the right track with a project or goal.

This card can also suggest that you feel confident and optimistic about the future.

I would say that the Chariot is one of the tarot cards that are very much tied to mental health and mental illness, which I will get into in a bit.

Let's briefly go over the history of the Chariot before delving into the nitty-gritty of it.

Chariot Tarot Card History

The chariot card has a long and varied history. It first appeared in Europe in the early 15th century and was often used to represent military victories.

Many of the earliest Chariot cards showed knights riding into battle.

Later versions of the Chariot card depicted more peaceful scenes, such as a charioteer driving his horses through a beautiful landscape.

The original image of the Chariot was the charioteer in a vehicle standing tall as there is a white and black sphinx in front of it.

That represents positivity and negativity's duality, and those are opposite forces.

While the sphinxes are pulling in different directions, the charioteer uses his determination and strength to keep the Chariot going in the order he wants.

You will see a river flowing behind the charioteer, which means to be in the flow of life that is going on while you keep going after your goals.

So now you have an image and an understanding of the Chariot tarot card, let's go over what it can mean if it shows up in your readings.

The Chariot Tarot Card Indicates Success If You Stay The Course

If you ask a question about a specific situation, the Chariot tarot card can indicate that you will succeed if you stay the course and continue to put in the effort.

It can also suggest that you need to be more aggressive or assertive to achieve your goals.

If you feel stuck or are not making progress, the chariot tarot card can signify that you need to take more action and move forward.


So how can you do that if you are feeling very stuck? I will go over that in a bit as well. Also, the card can represent travel and movement.

The Chariot Can Represent Travel And Movement

The Chariot tarot card is also associated with travel and movement, indicating that you will be traveling soon or a journey ahead of you.

This could be a physical journey, but it could also represent a journey of self-discovery or spiritual growth.

As with all tarot readings, it is essential to read the cards in context and consider the other cards in the spread.

And unless you are traveling for leisurely reasons, unless you are going on a fun trip, the different type of traveling is far from the fun.

That is because it is forcing you to be reflective and introspective, which is always one of the hardest things to do when dealing with trauma and mental illness.

Now, let's see how the Chariot relates to Risa. As you can imagine, she feels powerless in her struggles. She is feeling that her depression and C-PTSD are taking over her.

So you can say that the only way that the Chariot applies to her is that she finds the energy even though she is not in good physical and mental health to care for her son, her parents, and help her neighbor.

Based on all of that, it is fantastic that she never once could not get out of bed because her depression took over.

But at the same time, does the Chariot really apply to her? Or is she only going through the motions because she has to?

Either way, it is challenging to do what she does, even for someone who does not have poor mental and physical health. Aside from that, Risa truly represents the Chariot in reverse.

Chariot In Reverse

When the Chariot appears in reverse, it indicates a loss of willpower, self-doubt, scattered energy, and a lack of direction.

It can also be indicative of giving up. Doesn't that sound like Risa?

She has given up because she sees no purpose in continuing to fight even though she is only sticking around to take care of everyone else.

But she has no purpose at all, so she feels anyway. Eventually, that will catch up with her, and when it does, it could render her unable to do anything physically.

And let me tell you, everyone goes through periods of dealing with the Chariot in reverse, and sometimes you need to give up things that are not working out for you at all.

For instance, if you are taking a challenging course in math, and you want to do it because you think you can, but it is wreaking havoc in all areas of your life, you need to evaluate the reasons for continuing with this course.

That is an example of when giving up may be the best thing if it does not serve a useful purpose.

And if you are doing something such as that, and the Chariot in reverse appears in a tarot reading in the position that indicates the solution, then you need to give it up.

Now, let's talk about the Chariot and mental health.

The Chariot And Mental Health

As mentioned earlier, the Chariot is one of the tarot cards that relate to mental health and mental illness very well.

You can even say that about chronic physical conditions too.

But here is the thing, when you have any condition, whether mental or a chronic physical one, you have the temptation to live in a Chariot in reverse mode.

But the thing is, you will be upset with yourself, and you have to keep the Chariot in mind as you go on with your day.

Because when you live with a moderate to severe mental or chronic physical illness, it is very challenging to get up, take a shower, eat breakfast, do your chores and run errands, and work if you can, and take care of your kids and pets if you have any.

Those things are no big deal for someone fortunate enough not to deal with anything so extreme with their mental or physical health like that.

But for someone who has any chronic illness, doing those things daily represents the Chariot because no matter how many obstacles you face, you do your best to keep going.

And there are going to be days when the Chariot in reverse comes up for you. And it is okay when that happens.

Some days you have to give up and do nothing because perhaps that is a sign that you need to rest.

So if you know about the spoon theory, you would understand.

You can only do certain things at a spoonful at a time. So when you use up too many spoons for your day by doing too much, you are going to be like the Chariot in reverse inevitably.

It is inevitable, and you should do it because the last thing you want to do is burn out and end up worse.

Because it is extra hard work to do many things when dealing with any chronic illness, and it really does take a lot of willpower and determination to do those things.

How To Apply The Chariot Into Your Life

If you live with a mental illness and/or a chronic physical illness, you are already applying this card to your life without even realizing it. But here is the thing.

If you want to step out of your comfort zone and do a little more with your life, you need to take baby steps and expect that taking a step back now and then is not the reason to give up.

Just set some small goals each week and make them realistic, and that way, you will want to find a method to meet them.

If you need inspiration, then keep the Chariot card with you to remind you that you can do it. The next card I will talk about is Strength.