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This is the time to dig within and find out the answer!
Episode 008: The Emperor Tarot CardListen now (10 min) | How Can You Be A Leader For Yourself?
Episode 016 - The Hanged ManListen now | The Frustration You Feel When There Is A Pause
Episode 023: The Sun Tarot CardListen now | There Are Bright Spots
Episode 005: The Magician Tarot CardListen now (8 min) | How Can The Magician Help You Tap Into Your Resources?
Episode 022: The Moon Tarot CardListen now (10 min) | Things Are Not What They Seem
Episode 019 - The Devil Tarot CardListen now | What Do You Do When You Are Faced With Temptation?
Episode 003: The Story Of Risa GreenListen now (13 min) | And How Her Story Will Be Of Relevance To The Tarot Card Meanings
But remember, it is not a substitute for mental health treatment!
Episode 025: The World And Minor Arcana IntroListen now | Cycles Ending And New Cycles Beginning
Episode 011: The Chariot Tarot CardListen now (9 min) | When Giving Up Is Not An Option Until It Must Be