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My name is Miriam, and I have a passion for tarot and teaching others how to use tarot to help with mental health. I personally struggle with C-PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder, and tarot helps me manage them and develop coping skills. My newsletter is Miriam Reads Tarot, and it hosts my podcast, Swords of Depression.

Miriam Reads Tarot presents to you a unique way of looking at mental health through understanding tarot and astrology. The majority of content is tarot-related, and that is all expressed through the podcast Swords of Depression, as you can expect to have two episodes a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

That is unless there is an announcement of a change otherwise.

This newsletter and podcast are a passion of mine because it helps bring further awareness about mental health. And I can bring the tarot into it, which can help provide some unique insight.

Plenty of people struggle with mental health disorders, or even if they do not, no one is immune to poor mental health.

Therefore, you can learn how to utilize tarot (and, in some cases, astrology) to develop strategies to help cope and manage any mental health struggles.

However, remember, this is NOT a replacement for therapy! It can help keep you on track in between sessions, however.

Also, even more importantly, anyone who struggles with mental health issues will feel validated and that they are not alone!

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You can gain insight into your mental health through the tarot and some other fun tarot tips and tricks. Other factors regarding spirituality will be relevant.


Miriam Rachel

Miriam is an astrologer and tarot reader who delivers fascinating nuggets about tarot, astrology, and mental health - and tying them together.