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Episode 005: The Magician Tarot Card

How Can The Magician Help You Tap Into Your Resources?

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How do mental health and tarot with some astrology connect? You will discover how they do and how you can use tarot to gain insight into mental health. Additionally, when it comes to managing mental health, validation of struggles is essential, and that you will get from this podcast!
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The Magician is the first card of the tarot's Major Arcana. It represents manifestation, the skills, capabilities, and resources and reminds the querent that they can do anything they choose. But, they need to learn to tap into it. Here is the thing.

Let’s Talk About The Magician

The Magician tarot card is a symbol of power and creativity. Magician symbols often represent the ability to manifest one's desires and goals in life. The tarot card indicates that it is time for you to take action and actively move toward the life you want. It can also signify that it is time to pursue a goal or dream, nagging at you lately.

The Magician tarot card often represents a power that one holds within themselves and indicates the ability to manifest your power. It is also a sign of change, transformation, and new beginnings.

When you see the Magician in tarot readings, it often represents the highest point you have reached so far on your spiritual path. When the card comes up, it is an indication that you have complete control over your life's direction.

The Magician Does Not Want You To Waste Energy

Additionally, the card can warn you not to waste energy pursuing fantasies or illusions that will not come true. It may also signify reaching a critical crossroads in your life, where you must decide what direction to take.

Finally, you can see it is a message from the divine that certain things have been completed now and are the time for new beginnings.

That is because the Magician also represents balance, wisdom, and knowledge. Know that you have what it takes to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Another thing that the Magician can indicate is that you are working on a new project or purpose in your life now.

Additionally, it often represents a balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. Finally, the card brings a message to encourage you to seek guidance from those who have been on a similar path as you for some time now.

You may be neglecting your spiritual side, which needs to be more balanced in your life.

The Magician exists in your daily life as people who motivate you, inspire you and instill a passion for life within you. You can see it as the symbols can be seen as messages from the divine encouraging you to take chances on something new, test limits, and reach for the stars.

They are messages of encouragement to take action in your life now as they can signify that you are being called upon to try something new in your life, even if it is uncomfortable at first.

Magician symbols indicate that balance between the different parts of your life is necessary.


Here is the thing with Risa and the Magician. She did not take a hint from any of the divine messages that she had gotten that the Magician represented.

She has no self-esteem and is also entirely burned out based on all her responsibilities. She is more than burned out by the extra responsibilities she puts on herself because she cannot say "no."

There is no reason she has to help her parents, who treat her horribly as they have money to spend on outside help. She has no reason to help her ungrateful neighbor.

How can Risa put the energies from what the Magician has to offer if she has no idea to tap into any of her resources and has many that she does not know exists? That is because she never believed in herself, aside from being burned out.

But like anyone else, she has the talents to make better changes for her situation and herself.

Everyone has it within them to find their inner Magician to create something that can improve their lives or even improve the lives of others.

But until Risa can start saying "no" and putting her needs first, she will not be able to find her inner Magician. The first step to getting there is to believe in herself, even just a little. What about the Magician in reverse? Let's go over that.

The Magician In Reverse

The Magician in reverse can indicate deceit, poor planning, manipulation, no energy, and ill intentions. In other words, if you want to create something new and go through the dishonest and manipulative route, this represents the Magician in reverse.

You can say that Risa's last energy matches the Magician in reverse. However, almost everyone Risa encountered had very ill intentions for her.

Let's go over her parents, her sister, and those bullies who made her life hell. They caused Risa to turn into someone who was not meant to be how she turned out. Risa had the potential to find success in her life and turn into someone who had more confidence.

These people were the cause for Risa not turning out that way.

However, even though these individuals did her a lot of harm, Risa has it within to use the Magician to improve her life. She can pull the Magician upright, learn to manage her trauma mental illnesses, and find creative ways to look into services that can help her with her son and other stressful situations.

So now that we are onto that, let's talk about how the Magician can help you. How can you bring the Magician into your life?

How You Can Work With The Magician

The Magician can help you with your goal-setting ambitions. It does not matter what you want to attain, as it may be a better job, better health, whether it is mental or physical, learning how to set boundaries better, or even a pair of new shoes.

The thing is, you want to be crystal clear on what you want, and keep the Magician card with you to meditate with it, and you can develop clarity as far as what you want to attain and what actions to take to go after it.

You may want to do this for a few minutes each day so your vision becomes more precise.

Remember that the Magician wants you to take action, and you will want to create an action plan and how you will go after what you need. If you have a therapist and are doing some goal-setting with them, this is also a great thing to discuss.

Your therapist does not have to be open to the tarot if they are not open to that.

You don't even have to talk about what you are doing with them. You will want to tell them. Instead, you are looking for ways to go after your goals and become clear on what you want, and you can even get input on other action plan ideas.

The Magician is all about manifestation, creation, tapping into your resources, and utilizing your skills.

However, the Magician also reminds you that you can do anything where you put your focus! The next card to talk about is the High Priestess, which I will cover next time.

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